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What's On Tap To Come...

Welcome to the Writing Wednesday Blog!

It's been a month but things have rolling right along. The 7th book is currently with the publisher and I have seen the first and second drafts of the cover. The cover itself after one last tweak should be ready to go here by the end of this week. The proof copy, should follow shortly after for my review. Once my approval is given it will be on track for its release on June 10, 2023.

Now remember, on its release date it will only be available at the Bavarian Festival Signing Saturday at Charlin's Book Nook, located in the River Place Shops in Frankenmuth, Michigan. Only fitting since it is set there. After Signing Saturday, it will be available through my website and at Schuler's Books Grand Rapids (Online and In-Store).

With my 7th book now completed and preparing for release I often am asked so what's up next? What are you working on? Well, on today's Writing Wednesday Blog, I am going to give you some of the things that I am working on or that are in the works.

Generally, I am usually writing a couple of books at the same time. This way if I get stuck with one, I can fall back on the other. I have had two books going since my first novel "The Seventh Year". At the moment, I just have the one I am "writing". Though I know full well that as I get a bit further along with preparation on one of the others in development, I will be working on that as well.

So, without further ado, here is what is forthcoming down the line...

30 Storeys - At the moment this is my next book slated for publication. Looking at a 2024 release for it. This is a book of short stories wrapped within a story. Here is the synopsis...

Carlton Wolverton’s big day has arrived. Today, Carlton has a meeting with a highly regarded publisher and the expectation of a book deal for his first novel. After a productive meeting, Carlton gets into the elevator to leave when misfortune strikes…The elevator cables snap! As Carlton plummets to a possible demise, he recounts a story as each floor passes by before him.

If he survives… He’ll have 30 Storeys to tell.

Up For Anythingness - Recently a high school friend passed away. He was a unique individual and had just the best outlook on life and an uncanny knack of bringing people together. As I listened and reminisced with friends, it inspired me to write a story based on his philosophy of being Up For Anythingness. I have reached out to those in our class to assist me with this and as I compile their thoughts the story will take shape.

Sigma - This will be a sequel to my first novel, The Seventh Year. Steve Cook who wrote the song The Legend which was the backbone of that story wrote a second song about the Dogman called The Sigma Story. I touched upon Sigma in The Seventh Year and thought that this would be a great follow up. If I get on the schtick I would like to release this one in 2027. A 7th year of the decade and per the legend, the Dogman should return.

Final Draft - This one is about two friends whom happen to love the movies and writing. Both decide to become screenwriters, which is a real competitive business. So, how far will each of them go to outdo the other and produce that next Hollywood hit? That is the premise thus far.

A Corner of Indecision - This one I would call Science Fiction of a world that is all tech based. No art (music, theatre, etc). The main character might as well be considered AI even though he is very much human. Does he stick with what he's good at or ditch the system and rebel. This one has two chapter written and ready to go.

Tales From The Shoebox - Another short story collection from my experiences in retail. I have two stories already written for this and plenty of ideas. We shall see what comes of this one.

Sequel To The Demon Of Sweet Briar - This one I never considered. That is until my brother-in-law read The Demon Of Sweet Briar. He mentioned that I did leave it open for another story. Never really intended it to have one, but the more I have thought about it, its there. It's simply figuring out where to go with it.

So there you have it! This is what I have on tap for the future. Release dates for these of course will be determined on how writing goes for each. Then there is always the chance that another idea comes along, (A Third Frankenmuth novel for instance) and any one of these could take the back burner to that one. You never know.

None of this is possible without your support. You allow me to do what I am passionate about so, you have my thanks! As always, if you have picked up one of my books, take a moment and go to and give it a rating and write a review. This allows me to see how well I did or what I need to do better. It also shows others what they are missing! Questions or comments you are always welcome to contact me at

Till next time...

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