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The Seventh Year
The Seventh Year Cover.jpg
Published on April 7, 2012

The Seventh Year

Sometimes Terror Is A Family Tradition.

No one knows this better than Forrest Saunders.

He alone is aware of a dark secret about his family's past, a secret that's about to be revealed.

A visit to his cabin from his grandson, Aaron, turns out to be anything but casual after a song heard on the radio set Forrest off.  Forrest begins telling Aaron about a creature that dwells in the Northern Michigan woods known as the Dogman.  A creature he claims has been attacking their family each decade since 1887 during the seventh year.

Though Aaron is skeptical of his Grandfather's tale, Forrest is convinced that the Dogman's attacks on the family have to end.  And they will end with him.

Forrest will soon learn that he cannot outrun the horrific events of his family's past to alter its future.

For now it is 2007...


The Snowball Effect Cover.jpg

The Snowball Effect

Even the tiniest snowflakes can get a snowball rolling.

Sometimes that snowflake isn't so tiny.

For Quentin, it's a major life altering event with the sudden passing of his mother.

This singular event sets off a chain of events that send his life cascading out of control.

Alone and feeling sorry for himself, he recounts his year of hell and concludes...

One way or another...


Published on March 19, 2013
Saint Nick Cover.jpg
Published on November 5, 2015

Saint Nick

Christmas...The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

It is a season filled with gift giving, joy, happiness, and of course visits with Santa Claus, a beloved symbol of Christmas by children of all ages.  This is what Heather Fahs is most looking forward to on her trip to Bronner's CHRISTmas Wonderland.

Heather will come to realize this visit with Santa will be an extraordinary one.  For the Santa who awaits her visit is no ordinary Santa.  He is the one true Santa Claus, St. Nicholas, and he is there a purpose.

Convince this young lady he is truly Santa, that he is merely part of the season, and most importantly...what the true meaning of Christmas was meant to be.

Though simple, a daunting task.

But if anyone can achieve this, it must be...


The Game Jynx'd Cover.jpg
Published on March 28, 2018

The Game Jynx'd

Bored and looking to amuse himself, a being notorious for causing mischief and mayhem throughout the universe, know to all as Jynx, has an epiphany to end his suffering.

Bring together five of the greatest Captains in the Syndicate of Worlds history an match them against a team of their best nemeses in a futuristic dodgeball game... "Pace".

In a game that requires skill, determination, and a little wit to win, the Captains must work together in order to defeat Jynx and his team of their greatest foes.

Regardless of the outcome...


Murder In The Storm Cover.jpg
Published on November 13, 2019

Murder In The Storm

Mom was dead and six feet under.

A casualty of an unfortunate household accident, or so they say.

Linda believes in a different theory.  It wasn't a household accident that killed her mother, but her abusive, boozy father.

She's sure of it.

A year later, Linda returns home to an unexpected visitor.  Mom's Spirit. It confirms Linda's theory and leads her to a timeworn Grimoire.  Mom's Spirit also leaves Linda with a message, her father must pay for his misdeeds.

Discovering a spell within the Grimoire, Linda, along with the help of her friends, Britt and Mal, embark on a plan to enact this spell and get revenge on the man who took her mother's life.

If it worked Linda would get her revenge and there would be a...


Demon Of Sweet Briar Cover.jpeg
Published On October 15, 2020

The Demon Of Sweet Briar

Dr. Friedrich "Fritz" Vanek, M.E. at Sweet Briar General, has determined the cause of death in all of his cases throughout his career.  He has seen just about everything.

Until today.

After getting a call from his best friend and chief of police, Robert Krueger, about the sudden death of his newborn daughter, Fritz is asked to assist in her autopsy.  Even with all of his skills, Fritz is baffled by what could have caused the infants death.

And that's just the start.

Other strange events begin to occur shortly after the child's death.  People disappearing, graves being desecrated, and other deaths with unexplained causes.  As Fritz investigates, he traces the unexplained occurrences to a town legend.

Though he puts no stock in such things, the evidence does point to an actual person.  One who has a secret that could be deadly to those who learn it.

If Fritz isn't careful, he could end up the next victim of...


The Snowball Effect
Saint Nick
The Game Jynx'd
Murder In The Storm
The Demon Of Sweet Briar
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Published On June 10, 2023

What Happened To The Muth?


Frankenmuth, home to world-famous chicken dinners, the world's largest Christmas store, and rich German heritage has been wiped from the map and erased from everyone's memory.

Everyone that is except Duncan Schmitt.

As life returns to normal one year after the Covid Pandemic, Duncan makes plans to visit his favorite city

of Frankenmuth, only to discover it’s been replaced by a city named, Ravenscroft.


With the assistance of a mysterious acquaintance and 

support from his best friend, Ryker, Duncan must 

travel back through history to find out…


What Happend To The Muth?
30 Storeys
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