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2023 - A Year Of The "Muth"



Welcome to the Writing Wednesday Blog!


For those of you who are new to my website, Wednesday is the day I sit down and do what I call my real job…Writing. Hence, Writing Wednesday. My Writing Wednesday Blog is a way for me to not only improve upon my writing skills but to also comment on some of my processes, make announcements, or just randomly talk about things. I try, heavy on the try, to do it regularly. Unfortunately, the job I must endure to pay the bills doesn’t always cooperate or I am wrapped up in either working on my next title or promoting since I am self-published, it all falls on me.


As New Year begins, it is always good to look back at the old one and reflect upon what went well, what didn’t go so well, and what can I do to forward my goal of being able to do this on a full-time basis. That being said, let’s look back at what transpired in 2023 and I can say clearly it was a Year About The “Muth”.


By far the biggest event of 2023 for me as a writer happened on June 10, 2023, during my Bavarian Festival Signing Saturday at Charlin’s Book Nook in Frankenmuth, Michigan. It was on this day that I released my 7th novel, “What Happened To The ‘Muth’?”, which became a great seller right out of the gate much like my third novel, “Saint Nick”.


“What Happened To The ‘Muth’?” is available at Schuler Books in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and the link to order it is here on the website. In addition, my good friends at Charlin’s Book Nook carry signed copies as well. Now the new addition with this title is that thanks to the assistance of Martha Zehnder Kaczynski, The Covered Bridge Shop in Frankenmuth, Michigan also carries signed copies of the book links to these are also on the website.


However, being that the book was set and about Frankenmuth, Michigan I thought it would be worth it to do it up. I went around the city and took pictures of the book at the various places that it is set at and posted them on social media. In addition, as appreciation for how well the book was received, again with the help of Martha Zehnder Kaczynski, I gave copies to the Bavarian Inn Lodge for them to place a book in Room 342 (Schmitt) where one of the scenes in the book takes place, each weekend from Thanksgiving to Christmas. I will be contacting Martha to see how that promotion went.


Also, something new this year…A BOX SET! Yes, I created a box set called “The Krow Writer Collection 2012-2023”. It contained individual signed copies of each of the books that I have release since 2012. It was also the only way you could get a copy of my second book, “The Snowball Effect”, since I know longer have that out at my signings.

Speaking of signings, I did quite a few of them this year. Except for 1, all were hosted by my friends at Charlin’s Book Nook. I want to give a shout out to Linda, Dave, and Melisa who have giving me so much support and I can say are a big part of the following that I have received due to being able to sign there. They are big supporters of local authors, and they have a great store with lots of books. I also want to Dana of Covered Bridge Shop and her staff for their support during the signing I had there in early November.


I also have to say of signings I love meeting everyone. What tickled me pink this year is that I have people inquiring about when I will be back so they can see me. Have had repeat customers who purchased one of books and came back to try a second, or even a third. Means that I am very much growing my reader base which is fantastic news for me! I love meeting new people and am appreciative of the support from everyone.


Though much of the year was about the new book, work did progress on my next novel, “30 Storeys”, which if all goes well will be out later this year. I have other titles that I am also currently developing so one of those may take center stage and move forward before that one. I always have at least two books going at a time so that if I get stuck on one, the other may prove fruitful.


I also have been petitioning for a project, one that I still won’t divulge as I am not sure if it will come to pass. I am hopeful that it will as I would love the opportunity, not to mention that it could be a game changer for me in 2024. Time will tell.


And to quote the great Walter Cronkite, “That’s the way it was in 2023”. I thought 2023 was a great year even if it was only about “The Muth”. Nothing wrong with that at all if you know me well enough. 2024 brings new possibilities, more Signing Saturdays, and perhaps a new book or two. All I can say is stay tuned.


2023 is in the books as they say. 2024 is out the door and rolling.


Till next time my friends…

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