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A "Novel" Announcement!

Welcome to the Writing Wednesday Blog.

Wednesday I have termed to be Writing Wednesday. It is the one day of the week that I get to do what I love to do and I set the time aside to do it. That is providing That Job I Have To Have doesn't interfere with it.

Today's Blog is special as I have an announcement to make. After all the research, writing, editing, and everything that comes with creating a novel, I can say that my 7th Novel, "What Happened To The 'Muth'?" is officially completed and ready to be submitted to the publisher. Below is the tentative cover for the novel (may change slightly due to improvements from the graphic artist) and the synopsis for the book...

Michigan’s Little Bavaria Vanished!

Frankenmuth, home to world-famous chicken dinners, the world’s largest Christmas store, and rich German heritage, has been wiped from the map and erased from everyone’s memories.

Everyone that is except Duncan Schmitt.

As life returns to normal one year after the Covid pandemic, Duncan makes plans to visit his favorite city, Frankenmuth, only to discover it’s been replaced by a city named Ravenscroft.

With the assistance of a mysterious acquaintance and support from his best friend, Ryker, Duncan must travel back through history to discover…

What Happened To The “Muth”?

I wanted to release the book to coincide with something that happened in Frankenmuth's history that was of significance. Of course the founding of the town would be the prime date to choose, but that is in August and since That Job I Have To Have would really interfere with that, I chose another date. In June 1959, the Zehnder family rebranded and reimagined Fischer's Hotel into the Bavarian Inn Restaurant that we all know and love today. It was also the beginning of what is now known as the Bavarian Festival which happens in the first week of June each year. It just so happened that William "Tiny" Zehnder also began a push for Frankenmuth to embrace its Bavarian Roots and thus Michigan's Little Bavaria was born. Knowing this, I couldn't think of a better time to release this story.

So, during Bavarian Festival 2023 (June 8 thru June 11) mark your calendars for Saturday, June 10 as this is the official release date for "What Happened To The "Muth"?" On its first day it will be available exclusively at Charlin's Book Nook (as the story takes place here), located in the River Place Shops, in Frankenmuth, Michigan on the Signing Saturday Event from 11am to 5pm that I am having that day. Copies afterwards will be available through my website (via Schuler Books) starting Sunday, June 11.

I am very excited to make this announcement and look forward to seeing everyone there for this release event!

Till Next Time....

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