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2020 A Year In Review

On this last “Writing Wednesday” of the year, I wanted to look back over the last year. I think I speak for just about everyone that 2020 didn’t exactly turn out the way we had hoped it to. From the Wu Han Flu (yes, I like this name better than COVID) to the election and everything they have forced us to give up, it has been a rough year.

Though, from this author’s standpoint, it actually turned out to be a better year than what I had thought it would be.

First, you had the fact that instead of going out to my “office” of Biggby Coffee, I had to write out of my “home” office. As the weeks of the lockdown waned on, I got very comfortable doing so. So much now that I have no inclination to go back to the “office” when things return to a normal state. That’s not saying I won’t for some things, but mostly I am pretty comfortable in my space here at home, which I have found to be just as inspiring.

What is also inspiring is that I proved to myself that I can write on a full-time basis without an issue. Usually with that job I have to have, I get one day a week to write. During the lockdown, I got 5 days at 6 hours a day to write. Let me tell you when you figure how long I take to write a chapter, enter it into the computer, edit it, and rework it to get it to my liking before I hand it off to my editor you are looking at a minimal of 3 weeks. I was kicking out 3 chapters in a week’s time. Not too shabby, if I say so myself.

The lockdown, though it drove me nuts as I don’t like the government to tell me what I can and can’t do, allowed me to write my 6th novel, “The Demon Of Sweet Briar,” which I am happy to say I published on October 14, 2020. I also have to say that publishing a book never, and I mean never gets old!

Though the world was in a different state this past year, that didn’t stop me from going out and doing Book Signing Events of which I did 5. Little less than 2019 but I will report that 3 of the 5 did extremely well, 1 did better than expected, and 1 was okay. I never look badly on a signing as being Self-Published you have to remain positive. Each business card you hand out, each book you sell, even if it’s only one, is still a success. It’s one more person who may spread the word, and that’s one step closer to this becoming a full-time profession for me.

So to those venues that hosted me, Charlin’s Book Nook in Frankenmuth, Michigan, Horizon Books in Cadillac, Michigan, and Horizon Books in Traverse City, Michigan… Thank you all for your support in 2020! It means the world to me and I look forward to working with you in the new year!

Another thing I can take from the year is that someone took an interest in carrying my novel Saint Nick in their store in Frankenmuth. Thank you, Linda of Charlin’s Book Nook! You took a chance to see how it would perform, and we’ve found that it does very well. Let’s hope we can finally convince Bronner’s carrying it as well.

Charlin’s also gets the honor of being the exclusive store of where my newly released novels debut for their first signings. Linda and I were discussing it at my last signing and found that every book I have written since my 3rd novel of Saint Nick, its debut signing, has been with Charlin’s Book Nook. So, just as a bit of inside information, if you want a newly released novel of mine signed after its release, you must come over to Frankenmuth, Michigan and come to Charlin’s Book Nook when I have a signing after its release. I am making them my exclusive home for this. Again, I appreciate their support!

2020 is over and the New Year 2021 is upon us. 2021 will bring more from me as an author. I currently have my next novel in the planning stages. It will be a historical science fiction style story I have titled “What Happened To The Muth”. This one is about a man who has to travel back through time to repair the damage and restore the City of Frankenmuth back to what it is today. Think “It’s A Wonderful Life” where Bedford Falls becomes Potterville because certain things didn’t happen. I am also working on a book called “30 Storeys” about a man who thinks of different little tales as he is falling 30 Stories in an elevator to his demise. This is also in the planning phase at the moment, and I hope that both will be in the Writing Phase soon. Goal is to have one of them out in 2021, the other in 2022. Since I am averaging about a book, a year it is very possible.

As I end this “Writing Wednesday” Blog, the final one of 2020, I want to end it by thanking all of you. It is because of you, the reader, with your support that I get to do what I love to do… WRITE! From what I’ve heard from you, I am doing my job!

Remember that for a Self-Published Author like myself, feedback is the best gift you can give (aside from purchasing my novels). You are always welcome to email me at to tell me what you think, leave reviews or comments on my Facebook Page @bkrowwriter, or go to and leave a rating and a review for any of my books. They will all find their way to my website. And tell your friends and help spread the word. My goal is to have this be my full-time job!

My thanks again to all who have made 2020 a pretty good year under the circumstances. I wish you all a Happy New Year 2021!

Till next time…

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