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A Look Back At 2022 And Looking Forward To 2023

Welcome to the Writing Wednesday Blog! Yes, it’s Friday but this is not the norm as lots has been going on this week. Let me start out by wishing all of you a very Happy New Year 2023!

It amazes me how fast 2022 flew by and here we all are at the beginning of a new year with new opportunities that lay ahead of us all. I have a good feeling about 2023, more on that in a minute, as I want to look back at what 2022 had to offer.

As I look back at 2022, I celebrated my 10th Anniversary as an author. The date was April 7. On that day in 2012 I self-published my first novel, The Seventh Year. I proved to myself that I could be a writer. I also discovered on that day that watching my novel being produced, come to fruition, and that proof copy being handed to me hot off the press is a feeling like none other. It’s a feeling that never gets old and has been a fresh experience for each subsequent novel I have written since. Up to 6 now as of the end of 2022 with more on the way.

I feel that I have made strides in 2022 to being able to be an author full time versus the author taking the back seat to the “job I have to have” to pay the bills. The goal remains the same in 2023 as it did in 2022, find a solid book deal that will allow me to do what I am passionate about.

Signing Saturdays (my new term for my book signings as most of them are on Saturdays) did very well this past year. My favorite place to sign is by far Charlin’s Book Nook, over in the River Place Shops, in Frankenmuth, Michigan. The relationship I have developed with them over the last few years is phenomenal. I must thank Linda (Owner) for her support of my novels. Charlin’s is also the exclusive carrier in Frankenmuth of my third novel Saint Nick. I have already set signing Saturday dates for 2023 (4 thus far) and look forward to each of them. Linda, I promise I will talk and use my words more in 2023.

2022 also saw a signing with my publisher at Schuler Books celebrating their 45th Anniversary as an independent, local bookstore. I was a great time and I hope that in 2023 they will expand on that as it is a great opportunity for all of us who use the Chapbook Press to self-publish.

The biggest thing for 2022, the support I have gotten from everyone. I am passionate when it comes to my writing, and I love doing it. I love going out and doing book signings, meeting people, and talking with them about my novels and writing in general. I met a lot of new people this past year, made some new connections, and added many new readers. But without the support from you my readers, my friends, my family, it would be a moot point. I don’t take it for granted. It is appreciated more than you will ever know.

2023 is off and running and there is much in store. As mentioned earlier, Signing Saturday’s will return to Charlin’s Book Nook on Saturday… May 13; June 10; October 14; and November 25. Announcement and reminders for each will be posted as each draws near. I am looking at other places as well and hope that I will be able to add many more.

I also have a new novel coming in early 2023. It is a historical fiction story called What Happened To The “Muth”? If you enjoyed Saint Nick, then this one will be one you will want to pick up. If all goes to plan it is possible a second novel will be ready to go this year. It’s called 30 Storeys and contains a story within many. More on that one as it gets closer.

Of course, the goal for 2023, as for every year till it happens, get a book deal so that I can make writing my full-time job. Though I have to say, being that I am passionate about it, it really wouldn’t be a job.

2022 is gone. 2023 is here. It’s going to be a good one.

Thank you all again for your support! Till next time…

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