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It's The Writing Wednesday Blog!

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Welcome to the Writing Wednesday Blog!

Today is my first ever blog! So, please excuse the discombobulation and the randomness of this one. It is a learning process and I have no doubt that it will get better as I do it more. It is no different than writing a book. Each book is different. You learn as you write and the mistakes made in a previous novel you don't tend to make in the next one. You make new ones instead that drive you editor out of their mind. It's fun!

So, you may ask what is with the title of Writing Wednesday? The simple answer is that Wednesday is one of my normal days off during the week from the job I have to have. Yes, I don't do this full time yet. That is the ultimate goal. And since I set this one day of the week aside to concentrate on my writing, Writing Wednesday seemed a natural name and I have called them that ever since.

I love Writing Wednesday. It is the one day of the week that I have to dedicate to what I also call my real job. Though it is said that if you do what you love, then it isn't a job at all. Writing isn't a job to me, it's a passion. I love sitting down for hours to work on a book. Whether I am writing a chapter, putting it into the computer, editing, researching, or even sitting for hours at a book signing, I love it all.

So that's Writing Wednesday in a nutshell.

Till next time...

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This is a start will check you out every week. Keep it going and glad you have at least one day aweek to do what you love!

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