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And Then There Were 7...

Welcome to the Writing Wednesday Blog!

Every Writing Wednesday, I sit down and do what I love to do…WRITE! As of late that is been a bit difficult due to the entity known as The Job I Have To Have. It just doesn’t seem to care, nor understand that this is what needs to be done weekly. I am hopeful though that an understanding is coming, and you will be hearing from me on a more frequent basis with these blogs. I know I’ve said it in the past, but I am doing my best. But enough with the excuses. The Job I Have To Have is not existent today and it is Writing Day! So, here we go…

If you would have asked me back when I published my first book The Seventh Year on April 7, 2012, if I had more stories to tell I most likely would have answered, yes, at least one. Because at that time I was also working on my second book The Snowball Effect which I released less than a year later on March 19, 2013. By this time, I had the itch, and I knew I wanted to be a writer. That lead to Saint Nick, released on November 5, 2015, followed by The Game Jynx’d on March 28, 2018, then Murder In The Storm on November 13, 2019, and less than a year after that on the anniversary date of October 15, 2020, fifteen years after I first heard the song The Legend, which kicked off my writing, The Demon Of Sweet Briar debuted. Not too shabby if you ask me. All this from one little song that started it all.

And then my friends, there were seven! As of June 10, 2023, What Happened To The ‘Muth’? joined the group during my annual Bavarian Festival Signing Saturday, and I must say, what a release it has had. It is my best-selling book thus far ranking right up there with Saint Nick and The Seventh Year, not that my others aren’t good. My editor, Helen With The Blood Red Pen, told me it’s one of her favorites with Saint Nick. Both have a Frankenmuth connection, which I am passionate about. But they are both fictional stories with historical facts wrapped into the story. She seems to think this is my best area to write about. I also think it helps that I have it in not one, but two stores in Frankenmuth since it is about and set there. My good friends at Charlin’s Book Nook carry it, and (spoiler alert) it’s set there, as well as my new friends at the Covered Bridge Shop. It is selling at both stores very well and I am ecstatic about it! Of course, Schuler Books here in Grand Rapids carries it as well.

What will the 8th book bring? If it is the one, I am currently working on, it will be another first. But there are others in development that could move it down the line. Only time will tell. Till then go out and pick up a copy of What Happened To The ‘Muth’?. The link can be found here on the website.

Until next time…

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