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Brandon G. Kroupa


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The Seventh Year
The Snowball Effect
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Saint Nick
The Game Jynx'd Cover.jpg
The Game Jynx'd
Murder In The Storm Cover.jpg
Murder In The Storm
Demon Of Sweet Briar Cover.jpeg
The Demon Of Sweet Briar
What Happened To The "Muth"?
The Seventh Year Cover.jpg


"The Seventh Year"

“The Snowball Effect"

"By sheer irony, Brandon Kroupa labored to write this book for, you guessed it - seven years!  The result is a chilling tale that closely links to the song "The Legend".  It's not a long book, but just long enough to keep you awake on your next camping trip."

"The Snowball Effect begins with a soul searching journey of young man experiencing a great loss that reminds us of our own struggles. Each page brings you closer to raw emotions that are experienced so personal that the journey challenges us to look within. This book embraces a rare insight to how interwoven our relationships impact our very existence. A perfect cozy read."

Steve Cook

Author Of The Song "The Legend"

"Saint Nick"

"What a fun and heartwarming book! I admittedly didn't have much Christmas spirit this year - you could definitely say I was a bit of a Scrooge - but this book was recommended to me by a friend so I gave it a read. The author's approach to the story of Christmas and a child learning about the true nature of Santa Claus was really neat and unique. I felt I could relate to Heather even though I'm much older, and it honestly pulled me a little bit out of my slump. Creative, imaginative, and overall enjoyable book."

Renee Krueger

 Good Reads Review

"The Game Jynx'd"

"An easy, fast-paced read with a villain you "love to hate".  The story has some unique characters, and interesting "game" that revolves around various captains from different times and realms, put together by a common enemy, and some fun moments.  Although 

"sci-fi" in theme, readers who are not familiar with the genre will find the story simple to grasp and appealing to them."

“Saint Nick"

"This book was a cute and creative way of bringing the magic of Christmas to life. Factual and historical aspects of Christmas were interesting to learn. The joy of the young child experiencing the wonders of Christmas is heartwarming. Much of the story took place in a town in Michigan, Frankenmuth, where the whole town is Christmas themed. If you enjoy Frankenmuth or are interested in visiting, you will learn a lot of places to visit and the meanings behind them. Nice job of combining all aspects of what makes Christmas so special, Jesus, family, giving, and tradition."

Alyssa Lang

 Amazon Review

"The Game Jynx'd"

"This book was a fantastic read. It was a short story and made it perfect for reading while on vacation. It was a fast moving plot and all the characters had their own back story. It was entertaining how all the characters joined forces to make a satisfying ending. Very well written and highly recommended."

P.J. Haynie

Amazon Review

John Forrest

Good Reads Review

"The Seventh Year"

"This book made me question going into the woods as you never know what could be nearby.  Very good read!"

"Saint Nick"

"Bronner's is alive and well.  Nice story setting in Frankenmuth, a place we used to visit on Mother's Day."


Good Reads Review

Fritz 689
Amazon Review

Brittany Bindon

Good Reads Review

"The Snowball Effect"

"Clearly written with passion and full of intrigue.  Highly recommend reading this book."


Good Reads Review

"Saint Nick"

"What's not to love about Christmas? It is a season filled with gift-giving, joy, happiness, and, of course, visiting Santa Claus. And this is what the main character, Heather Fahs, looks forward to the most during her trip to Bronner's Christmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth, Michigan. 

However, soon the little girl realizes that this visit with Santa Claus will be a remarkable one. Because the Santa who awaits her is no ordinary man. He is THE  Santa Claus! Saint Nicholas himself - and he is on a mission. 

His task is a simple but daunting one: Convince young Heather of the true meaning of Christmas and that he is simply just part of the season, not the actual reason for it. But if anyone can solve this conundrum, it is Saint Nicholas!

What a joyous and touching tale! Brandon Kroupa's approach to the Christmas story and how the main character, Heather Fahs, learns about the true nature of Santa Claus was simply phenomenal and quite unprecedented. It was so easy to relate to the young girl.

SAINT NICK has a charming and imaginative way of bringing the magic of Christmas to life. Objective, as well as historical viewpoints of Christmas, were interwoven in the storyline. Viewing the wonders of Christmas through the eyes of the young child is simply heartwarming. 

Most of the story takes place in Frankenmuth, a town in Michigan where the whole city is Christmas-themed. If you enjoy everything related to the most wonderful time of the year, Frankenmuth, or are just interested in visiting the place, you can learn a lot about it here, between the pages of this endearing book. Mr. Kroupa did an excellent job connecting all aspects of Christmas, traditions, and family."

A. Piper Burgi
Author Of "The Country Girl" Empress Series

"The Demon Of Sweet Briar"

"Good read, did not lose interest at any point. Wanted to see how it ends. I could see a second story coming hopefully. Would recommend."

Good Reads Review

Definately wasn't my favorite read. However, I understand that the author is new. The way he wrote the book instantly gave away a lot of the secrets which were revealed towards the end, making it very predictable. There also wasn't much emotional conflict or tension among the chatacters.

Good Reads Review

"The Demon Of Sweet Briar"

"What Happened To The 'Muth'?"

I loved this book. It was an easy read and the characters were all interesting with an intriguing storyline, although I would have loved more backstory on some of the characters. Also, I wish a certain fuzzy character had survived.

I was fortunate enough to have met Brandon in Frankenmuth where he signed the book for me. Very nice man and I see good things in his writing future!

This is a fun mixed-genre read by an author both familiar with and a fan of the Michigan tourist town of Frankenmuth. Those who will especially appreciate it are fans of historical fiction (he's done a lot of homework) and fans of fantasy fiction -- across age groups. Keep an eye on his Facebook posts for book signings in town. 

Good Reads Review

Good Reads Review

"What Happened To The 'Muth'?"

Just finished my latest book purchase "What Happened To The 'Muth'?" by Brandon G. Kroupa. A real page turner! Excellent job my friend! My favorite book from you since "Saint Nick"!! (I wonder why?? Could it possibly be our mutual love for a certain place?). Highly recommended!

Facebook Post

"The Demon Of Sweet Briar"

Every small tourist town has one of those gift shops where you can buy magnets with the town’s name on it. They sell mugs and t-shirts and sweatshirts and snow globes with whatever unique landmark for which the town is famous. Somewhere in that gift shop is a (usually small) section where they sell books written by local authors. They are almost always self-published, usually cookbooks or local histories with lots of old grainy black and white photos. Occasionally, though, a local author will sell their self-published novels. Most of them tend to be romances or mysteries, almost always set in the small town. Very rarely, an author will branch out into a different genre.

Brandon Kroupa is a self-published author who lives in Michigan. I met him at one of those little gift shops in an adorable town in Michigan called Frankenmuth, at a folding table where he was selling and signing his books. He has self-published six. I am always a sucker for local authors, especially those who choose to self-publish. Regardless of how I feel about the book, I admire the person’s sense of bravery, of putting their books out there. The publishing industry is tough to break into, and there are a lot of interesting stuff being self-published.

“The Demon of Sweet Briar” appeared to be one of a few horror novels Kroupa has written. Of his six books, most seem to be fantasy or science fiction, and one is a Christmas-themed inspirational novel. I stayed away from that one.

Despite an interesting premise, Kroupa’s “The Demon of Sweet Briar” is marred by the usual things that self-published books suffer from and that would not be an issue if the author had a better editor or proof-reader. It’s not just typos and grammatical errors (of which there are an annoyingly numerous amount) but scenes that could have been trimmed. For example, Kroupa spends 20 pages painstakingly (and painfully) describing a meal at a restaurant, from the ordering of the food to its arrival at the table to how it appears on the plate and what it tastes like. I’m pretty sure even Anthony Bourdain would have been bored by the scene.

Overall, though, I was entertained by the novel. It was a creepy little old-fashioned tale of terror, based on an actual legendary monster called an Aswang. (Google it.) 

If you ever happen to be in Frankenmuth, Michigan (truly, an adorable little town) in one of the gift shops, and you run across a shelf selling Kroupa’s books, it wouldn’t hurt to buy one as a way to support local authors.

Good Reads Review


"The Demon Of Sweet Briar"



Brandon G. Kroupa, a Self-Published Author, started his journey into writing in October of 2005 after hearing the song, 

"The Legend" by Steve Cook, which was the inspiration for his first 

novel, "The Seventh Year,"which saw its release in 

April of 2012.

He publishes through the Chapbook Press, which is located inside Schuler Books, a local, 

independent bookstore in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He has since gone onto "self-publish" seven other titles including his most recent work, "What Happened To The "Muth"?.

You will find him every 

"Writing Wednesday," as they have come to be known, sitting comfortably in his home office, listening to Movie Scores or Christmas Music, while working on the next novel.  



June 10, 2023:

Want to know "What Happened To The "Muth"?" Find out today as this, my 7th novel, sees its release today! Signed Copies can be purchased exclusively in Frankenmuth, Michigan at Charlin's Book Nook and The Covered Bridge Shop.

February 23, 2023:

I am once again featured on the Frankenmuth Chamber of Commerce events webpage. This time it's for my Mother's Day Weekend Book Signing on May 13, 2023. Thank you again to Charlin's Book Nook for submitting it!

February 5, 2023:

My debut of my 7th novel "What Happened To The "Muth"?" during my Bavarian Festival Signing Saturday is featured on the Frankenmuth Chamber of Commerce events webpage. Thank you to Charlin's Book Nook for submitting it!

February 2, 2023:

My 7th Novel, "What Happened To The "Muth"?" will be released on June 10, 2023. It will be available on its first day exclusively at Charlin's Book Nook during the Bavarian Festival Signing Saturday that day from 11am to 5pm.

August 29, 2022:

40th event graphics.jpg

Schuler Books, Home To The Chapbook Press (My Publisher) celebrates their 40th Anniversary on September 24, 2002. The day will be filled with events. One such event is the Chapbook Press Author Signing from 5pm to 7:30pm. 10 Chapbook Press Authors, 2 each half hour will be doing signings. I was invited to participate as one of the ten. 

July 28, 2021:


My first video interview with a fellow author and editor Kirsten Pamela McNeill.  See it on instagram.

October 28, 2020:


My latest novel, "The Demon Of Sweet Briar", was featured as a Recommended Reads in the Halloween Newsletter for Schuler Books.  Schuler Books is home to the Chapbook Press and my publisher.  The newsletter is sent out a couple of times a month.

October 14, 2020:

BEWARE!  The Demon has been set loose!  My 6th Novel, The Demon Of Sweet Briar is officially released today!  Pick your copy up today!

November 13, 2019:

The National Weather Service has issued a storm warning of murderous proportions!  My 5th novel, Murder In The Storm is officially released today!  It is recommended you pick up your copy today, then seek shelter immediately! 

October 12, 2019:

My first book "The Seventh Year" was selected to be featured in the Notable Books Section for the Fall 2019 Grand Traverse Scene Magazine that the Traverse City Record Eagle publishes each quarter.


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